There is nothing permanent except change - Heraclitus

Connecting people

We connect volunteers and NGOs like never before.

A platform built for the economy 4.0.

We are a social platform where people come to find and work on jobs that make a difference in the world. As for NGOs, our platform allows them to find volunteers that thoroughly engage on causes that matter.

Connect to inspire and to be inspired.

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Surround yourself with good actions and content that is truly enriching.

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Volungo empowers the third sector and maximize its purpose

Our platform helps third-sector organizations to manage their activities.

Volungo`s management tools and our integrated platform give the third-sector organizations the right means to establish a closer relationship with volunteers, in a professional and personal way.


Volungo was envisioned in 2017 after its founders met and shared their personal experiences as volunteers.

The company was established in 2019 as a platform to better connect organizations that need dedicated volunteers and people who want to experience all aspects of volunteering.

Our vision is to connect people through altruism, thus bringing a real--and positive--impact on the planet.