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Volungo is a social network for the social sector. Connects people interested in the social field with any non-profit organization or social entity. It is a dynamic, simple, integrated online platform, built especially for those interested in social improvement.There are two types of profiles on the platform: volunteers and NGOs. Volunteers can easily search and find offers of social projects that are published by the entities, supporting NGO projects. It is also a tool for NGOs, which helps to gain visibility and to manage the entire volunteering process, from the acquisition to the moment in which the social action. It allows the volunteer to be closer to the entities of the third sector. Thus it opens a new channel of information, work and communication between these two groups.
We put in contact people who want to collaborate voluntarily with non-profit organizations, contributing their time and talent in sectors like social, educational, ecological, cultural actions, etc. We've created a network to publish information that sensitizes and encourages philanthropic participation.
You must publish the volunteer offers that your organization needs on the platform in your private area in order to get volunteers for your organization's. From then on, you will receive, in your registered email, applications from interested people. It's that easy!
Volungo will send an email to the organization with the information of the interested person, who has signed up for your offer. To contact each of them, the organization must send an email directly to the person. From then on, your organization will be responsible for following the selection and incorporation process.
Yes. In your private account, in the upper right margin you will find your profile photo. If you click there you can access the details of your profile. Then go to "Settings" within this section, where you can modify all the data of the organization you have registered. If any of the data cannot be edited, do not hesitate to write to us at
The volunteer offers you see in Volungo are from non-governmental or non-profit organizations. If you are interested in any of them, you must sign up in the platform and enter all the volunteer information.
By clicking on "Apply to this Offer" you will have to answer one or more questions. Then the NGO will receive an email with your Volungo details and your responses. The NGO will evaluate your application and send you a response. From this moment the volunteer and the NGO will decide on how to continue the communication between both parts.
Volungo facilitates the contact between the NGOs and the volunteers, but once the organization receives the request from the volunteer, is the NGO that will decide when to contact the people who applied. In any case, we try to get NGOs to answer all the people who applied for the offer. If you have further questions you can write to us at
Access the platform with the NGO profile and in the top menu you will find the "My Jobs" button where you can click. Then click in "+ create job", where you can insert the specific information of the offer. Once completed, click "create" and you're done! Your offer is already created. Now you just have to wait for volunteers interested in apply to it. You can also click the photo icon on the top right and then click "Create Job."

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