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Terms and Conditions - Rules of Use for Volunteers

As you navigate through, please do not hesitate to contact us in case you find any content that does not comply with these rules. You can do so by writing to, or by calling +34 652 172 797. Every user must agree to these rules of use before completing the registration process:

Organizations (NGOs) that use this service are required to:

  • 1 - Meet the following requirements:
    • Be a not-for-profit organization
    • Have your own legal entity
    • Develop programs within the framework of activities of general interest included in article 4 of the Volunteer Law 6/1996 of January 15 (B.O.E. 01/17/96). **
  • ** Activities of general interest are those of welfare, social, civic, educational, cultural, scientific, sports, health, and cooperation activities. Development, environment protection, economy or research protection, development of associative life, promotion of volunteering, or any other similar nature.

  • 2 - Do not use the service of publication of opportunities for any other purpose than the publication of opportunities for volunteers.
  • 3 - Register the opportunities explicitly enough, so that the interested persons have a clear idea of ​​the tasks that they must perform. In no case may they include any requirement that is discriminatory on grounds of birth, race, sex, age, gender, religion, opinion or any other personal or social condition or circumstance. Nor can any external link to the portal be included.
    • 3.1 - For the description of conditions of the Volunteer jobs, do not forget to consult the following legislative norms: Status of workers Law 39/1999, of November 5, to promote the reconciliation of working and family life of working people Law 45/2015, of October 14, on Volunteering
  • 4 - Respond to candidates who write interested in a volunteer opportunity and who are not selected for the position.
  • 5 - Respect the confidentiality of the curriculum data of the candidates.
  • 6 - Do not use the email addresses of the candidates to send spam.
  • 7 - In general, make a “good use” of the services offered by the web and in particular of the services of publication of offers of voluntary work and employment, management of CVs received and keeping a protected database of curriculums.

Individuals who use this service are required to: Do not use the opportunities registered here to publish them in other media without the permission of each organization. reserves the right to:
  • 1 - Check the veracity of the data of the NGOs and users who register and forbid access to those who cannot be verified.
  • 2 - Eliminate those volunteer opportunities that do not conform to these rules of use.
  • 3 - Remove those users who do not comply with these rules of use.
  • 4 - Remove those organizations that make an incorrect use of the web services.
  • 5 - Remove those organizations which have received numerous and repeated complaints from people who have collaborated with them.
  • 6 - Publish opportunities on other sites or media (websites, print publications, etc.) that may or may not be managed by Volungo, in order to give them maximum dissemination.

The interpretation of these rules is the exclusive competence of These rules may be modified at any time without prior notice or notification.

NGO Valuation System

Response percentage

  • 1 - This is the percentage of response that the NGO gives its candidates. It shows as a percentage the relationship between the number of candidates registered in their offers with the classified CV / total number of candidates.
  • 2 - The response percentage is calculated based on the offers published as of January 2020, the date on which implemented the first version of its reputation system.
  • 3 - Volungo is NOT responsible for communication between the NGO and the volunteer after the application to the job is submitted. The NGO is responsible for responding to each query and, in case of not responding, it may be penalized.

Volunteering opportunities will appear in order of creation, that is, the most recent ones will appear above the others.

User data

Volungo does not have user data for marketing or sales purposes. All information is confidential and not shared.